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Ode to Life

Humbly submitted

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A dream

This dream is a metaphor. But it's a dream I've actually had.

I love Nature. I'm, walking in the woods somewhere in florida, and I can see an opening in the brush to my left. It was the first glimpse of sky I had caught in awhile. It was so beautiful. It was a clever clearing near the shores of a lake. Spiritually attracted, I approached the clearing. Upon arrival I heard the obnoxious sounds of wave runners, and the smell of old gasoline choked me. It was a very small lake, full of hundreds of wave runners. There were so many, and it was so crowded that people just went around in pathetic non-concentric circles, bumping into each other. They were so trapped in that lake, and the worst part was that they thought they were having fun. As if that was all there was to these woods, and this life.

Someone beckoned me to join them, and I went among them with intentions to tell them that they don't have to keep going around in circles in this same damned lake, where once pristine water reeks of oil, and once crisp air is choked out from the fumes of hundreds of engines. I wanted to tell them that this isn't how it's supposed to be. But they wouldn't listen because this is all they ever knew, and they had found comfort in the pathetic rotting air of their cage.

I wanted to tell them that there's more to these woods, and this life.

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"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today, is Christians
who acknoledge Jesus with thier lips and walk out the door
and deny him by thier lifestyle.
That is what an unbelieving world, simply finds unbelivable."

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